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Welcome to a collection of very old Silken Windhound stuff.

This has previously been at but most of it has disappeared over the years. Since some of the pictures are of historical value, especially for new people in the Silken fancy, I have uploaded them here. It might be that I find even more forgotten old stuff and if I do it will be up here as well.
Please note that each link opens a new window.

Pictures of Kristull Aitangas litter (siblings)
Photos from Kennel Kristull November 1999
Photos from Silkenfest 1999
Photos from ISWS Fall Specialty 2001
Photos from Silkenfest 2003, the show
Moore photos from Silkenfest 2003
Photos from a long forgotten discussion about coat patterns
Old photos from our very first beginning and beyond
A few photos of Willow, Omni, Cleo, Rio and Nuna
Kristull Blessed as a puppy
Nuna in Memoriam
Nunas AIHA links
Leos relatives
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